Production Music

De Wolfe offers over 80,000 tracks from 12 production music labels covering most genres of music, all for download and use in your productions large or small.


Producing music is at the centre of what we do at de Wolfe. Our music is offered for use in all areas of broadcast, media and online and available to license in most territories worldwide. There is a huge and diverse collection of music among our labels, either use the search above to find exactly what you need, browse genres and moods, or if you'd like to contact us we'd be happy to help you find the right music.



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De Wolfe Music - Creative and musically diverse, the production music label that started it all. Covering most musical genres, with 700 albums and tens of thousands of tracks.

Widescreen is our explosive trailer music label, specially produced for motion picture advertising, epic action promos and next-gen video games.

De Wolfe Vinyl - Our LP back-catalogue lovingly remastered. Old favourites, cult classics and music hard to find anywhere else.

Bite Hard bridges the gap between commercial music, and the ease of licensing of production music. Featuring Beats, Hip Hop and EDM.

De Wolfe is proud to be working with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and releasing their recordings of the world’s greatest classical music.

A special collection of albums remastered from our recordings made throughout the 20th century. 

A unique collection of the very best jazz available for licensing. From ragtime to jazz hop, and everything in between.

Solid State Musicideal for rock, sports, news and business all with a North American focus.

Rouge Music showcases dance music, sports promos and much more.

The little production music library that's a lot different. Hudson offers tracks that are quirky, fun and diverse: from Easy Listening and Lounge, to styles and musical clichés.

Commercial Breaks - made-to-measure music that's ideal for radio ads, jingles and voice-overs, all cut to handy 60, 30 and 15 second lengths.

Recorded between 1960 and 1974, the albums on Sylvester cover everything from avant garde and music concrète, to French jazz and easy listening.

GlitchedDWCD 0825
Glitched-out electronic soundscapes with house, techno and ambient influences
Nu Pop SoulDWCD 0821
Fresh and upbeat Pop-Funk vibes with soulful vocals
Pop Punk PartyDWCD 0816
Riff-driven pop punk
Jansport J: The Art of the SampleBITE 014
Sample-based Lo-Fi and Hip Hop
Imagined SpacesDWCD 0820
Atmospheric and creative electronic moods
Artist Mixtape: UkiyoDWCD 0823
Electronic beats and ambiences
Documentary StoriesDWCD 0815
Themes and moods with strings and piano
Creative EnergyDWCD 0812
Motivating and energizing tracks
Artist Mixtape: Richard DayDWCD 0817
Genre-hopping dance beats
Gentle Acoustic MoodsDWCD 0810
Relaxed and laid-back acoustic guitars
La Belle FranceDWCD 0814
Cheerful and relaxed travel music
AfrobeatsDWCD 0811
Contemporary Afrobeats featuring pop, dance and R&B elements throughout, produced by Sujon Ahmed
Indie Pop MixtapeDWCD 0807
Upbeat guitar-driven tracks
Bedroom ChillhopBITE 013
Laid-back hip hop beats
Organic PercussionDWCD 0804
Creative rhythmic moods