The Woman In 
August 2023
Mystery drama from the BBC features de Wolfe Music

The Woman in the Wall, starring Ruth Wilson (His Dark Materials) and Daryl McCormack (Bad Sisters), is the new six-part BBC mystery drama created by Joe Murtagh. 
Lorna (Wilson) wakes up to find the dead body of a woman in her house. Lorna has a long history of trauma-based sleepwalking that stretches back to her time spent in Ireland’s controversial Magdalene Laundries. 
The show is available to view on BBC iPlayer and Showtime and we're thrilled that a number of de Wolfe tracks feature in the show, including Frank JR Zaruba's I'll Get Even With You, Alan Parker's Three Of A Kind, and Rock From 9, Jive Till 5 by Tim Broughton & Eddie Jones.