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June 2015

Japan: Earth's Enchanted Island

The beautiful BBC series showing Japan's incredibly diverse landscapes.

The latest natural documentary from BBC Earth is a stunning visual feast. From the snowy mountains of Zao Onsen, Yamagata, to the flower filled hills of Hokkaido. Watching animal's and human's lives as they cope with these natural extremes.

We are really happy to say that Chris Salt's 'Glistening' is featured in episode 2!

"In the far south west of Japan, there is a chain of islands stretching towards the tropics - a place where all life is influenced by the power of the sea, and where volcanoes and typhoons are forces to be reckoned with. The journey begins at an island at the top of the chain and travels south, revealing unexpected stories of isolation, unique wildlife and unsolved mysteries." - Episode 2

You can catch up with the rest of the series on iPlayer.

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