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De Wolfe Music Library

The label that pioneered production music and remains an original and innovative driving force in the industry.

The de Wolfe music label brings together the very best in music for licensing through the talents of its composers, musicians and producers. A creative and leading figure in production music since its inception, the label covers most genres of music.

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Composer biographies

Mark Heaney photograph
Mark Heaney is a self-taught, world-class drummer renowned for his in-the-pocket grooves and supreme feel. He started playing drums at the age of eight after seeing Buddy Rich playing on TV and by the time he was ten, was working two to three nights playing in pubs and clubs throughout the United Kingdom in his father's band.

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Paul Leonard-Morgan photograph
Paul Leonard-Morgan is a BAFTA award-winning & Ivor Novello nominated composer and producer. His unique cinematic style (fusing orchestra with electronica) has put him in high demand, both as a producer for bands and as a soundtrack composer.

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Nigel Mullaney photograph
Nigel Mullaney has been a self-confessed “Gear Geek” since a young age. He began learning the piano when he was just 6, by that age of 11 he was producing and releasing his own electronic tracks. His works have been featured on 20 albums for the de Wolfe libraries. 

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