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Drake "Know Yourself" (2015) 
Sampled "Tinted Glass" by Peter Milray (1980)

Drake's surprise album, 'If You're Reading This It's Too Late', dropped earlier this year breaking multiple Spotify records in the United States. With songs from the record being streamed more than 17.3 million times, in one week, it surpasses the previous record by nearly 2.5 million. The previous record was actually held by Drake for his 2013 album 'Nothing Was The Same'. His new album also broke the record for most streams in a day, with 6.8 million plays... staggering! 

We are so pleased and honored to have been a part of this record! 'Know Yourself', which is the most streamed and downloaded track from the album. It features a piece from the de Wolfe vinyl catalogue and it's safe to say that the song would not be the same without the sample of Peter Milrays 1980, Sylvester Vinyl release - 'Tinted Glass' (soundcloud below)Hear our sample from 1.39 in 'Know Yourself'.

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