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Barbie Wins YouTube Ad Of The Year

December 2015

Imagine The Possibilities   wins  #TheYouTubeAd That Restores Your Faith in Humanity

Youtube Ads Of The Year & The Webber Awards present the best YouTube Ads of 2015

Barbie was voted '#TheYouTubeAd That Restores Your Faith in Humanity' for its Imagine The Possibilities YouTube campaign. The video features young girls play acting in their dream jobs in real life, with a very charming effect. The short film has massed over 18 million views in under 2 months.

We are so happy to have had our track 'Light Moments' by Andy Quin used to great effect in the video.

Massive congratulations to all at BBDO for their work on this project. We love it! Check out the winning ad below.


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